THE BEAUTY OF LISTENING (Listening-Themed Poetry) Read about my listening-themed poetry book, The Beauty of Listening at and find it on Amazon here.

BEFRIENDERS WORLDWIDE: Volunteer Action to Prevent Suicide "Providing emotional support to prevent suicide worldwide. We listen to and help people without judging them." Click here to visit their Website and find information, worldwide helplines and valuable information on setting up a helpline. You can also find advice on listening and browse the latest issues of Befrienders Worldwide Newsletter. Visit

THE COMPASSIONATE LISTENING PROJECT Read about their listening training, journeys "in conflict and post-conflict zones" and community events and view some of their moving videos at (also featured in this post on the Listeners Unite blog: The Heart Work of Compassionate Listening).

FEMINISM While women's rights have come a long way, there's still a long way to go. Feminism is "the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes." (Miriam-Webster) This is, at its core, a human rights issue that affects everyone. Learn more about feminism at

FREE LISTENING: Urban Confessional Just when you thought there was nothing more gracious and heartwarming to find in random places than Free Hugs, here's a movement of Free Listening. See where they'll be, read about their journeys, or join this loving, listening community by volunteering at

GLOBAL LISTENING CENTER The Global Listening Centre "promotes the noble cause of listening across the planet and educates people and institutions to meet the urgent challenges of society. Its projects are designed by experienced global leaders, known to be accomplished experts in their field." Visit their Website at For important insights into the link between hearing and listening, be sure to read Minimal Hearing Loss: High Risk for Academic Underachievement (2016) by Alan R. Ehrlich, Director, Listening Disorders, Global Listening Centre.

The International Listening Association is "a network of people committed to the development of effective listening in professional and personal life." I've personally been involved with this wonderful group of people since 2006 and have discovered wonderful listening fiends and colleagues within this group and have learned a great deal from attending ILA conventions. Several ILA friends are quoted throughout this book. (The ILA has also declared March International Listening Awareness Month and September 15th an International Day of Listening!)

HELPLINES & SUPPORT (U.S.-based) Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Website for help finding substance abuse and mental health professionals (click here), disaster distress helplines and counseling (click here) suicide prevention hotline (click here).

THE HUMAN LIBRARY: A Worldwide Movement for Social Change "Don't judge a book by its cover." Real people are "on loan" to tell their stories and answer questions …. To learn about this mission and browse some of their online "books" or to find (or curate) a Human Library event, visit

THE HUMANITY PROJECT: Helping Kids to Help Kids The Humanity Project's mission is "To create innovative arts-based programs that help youth solve pressing social problems through collaborative efforts that emphasize the value of each individual." Humanity project programs "bring together young people to help their peers (and sometimes parents) solve tough problems such as bullying, teen driver safety and teenage social isolation" Read more about their "shared value" programs at

THE LISTEN FIRST PROJECT This group "facilitates greater understanding, respect and cooperation by encouraging the timeless but abandoned practice of listening to each other, regardless of politics, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education or any other distinction." Visit It all started with this essay: "It's Time to Listen."

LISTENING, MUSIC AND MEMORY Music therapy brings both joy and memories. See incredible stories of joyful reawakening in the film, Alive Inside, featuring Music & Memory, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the healing powers of music to nursing homes, hospitals, hospice and VA facilities by giving residents iPods loaded with their favorite music. Also featured are interviews with Oliver Sacks, author of Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain and singer, Bobby McFerrin. Music soothes, uplifts, stimulates memories, and even connects with people who seem out of reach. To learn more, visit www. and

SABBATH MANIFESTO: An Annual National Day of Unplugging This day is "designed to help hyper-connected people of all backgrounds to embrace the ancient ritual of a day of rest." They encourage people to share what they do in their offline time to remind us all of how many wonderful ways we can connect with each other, ourselves and nature when we disconnect from our phones for a while. They'll even send you a little sleeping bag for your phone. :)

THERAPISTS & GROUPS One of the most helpful, comprehensive resources for finding just the right local therapist, psychiatrist, treatment center or support group (within the U.S.) is the Psychology Today search page.

More listening links and resources:

I LOVE TO LISTEN DAY (May 16, an annual, world-wide celebration): I Love to Listen Day is an annual initiative that was started by Marva Shand-McIntosh in 2004. I Love to Listen Day declares May 16 as a special day each year "to inspire, inform, practice and create a heightened sense of awareness of the importance and power of listening in our lives."

THE CENTER FOR LISTENING DISORDERS RESEARCH: This Non-Profit Corporation was founded in 2010 by Alan R. Ehrlich (who is also the creator of the Professional Listener Website). The center "is focused on educational programs on the causes, symptoms and effects of dysfunctional listening in schools, the workplace and interpersonal relationships."

SACRED LISTENING: The Website of Kay Lindahl, author of several books including "The Sacred Art of Listening" and "Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening" (Click here to read "The Gift of Listening," Kay's contribution to my book, "Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening"!)

LISTENING LEADERS: The Website of Dr. Lyman K. "Manny" Steil and Rick Bommelje, co-authors of "Listening Leaders." The mission of their Listening Leaders book and programs is "To impact leaders worldwide with the importance of listening and to provide proven strategies to enhance leadership effectiveness."

LISTENING PAYS: The Website of Rick Bommelje, author of "Listening Pays" and co-author of "Listening Leaders." The Listening Pays Website offers a wealth of great resources "to help people listen, lead and succeed." (Click here to read Rick's contribution to the Listeners Unite blog!)


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A Poem from The Beauty of Listening
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A Poem from The Beauty of Listening