StoryCorps' Great Thanksgiving Listen 2015

By Linda Eve Diamond

StoryCorps is a beautiful idea that continues to grow. To learn more about StoryCorps' background and mission, watch the StoryCorp founder's moving TED Talk below.

This Thanksgiving, StoryCorps is promoting "The Great Thanksgiving Listen" by asking high school students to interview a grandparent (or someone who would be of their grandparents' generation) over the 2015 Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
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"StoryCorps hopes to make the Great Thanksgiving Listen a national tradition and to continue fostering meaningful connections within families, communities, and classrooms while also creating a singular and priceless archive of American history and wisdom."
This is a special opportunity to listen and to share and archive stories that might have gone unheard or forgotten. In addition to becoming part of a treasured family archive, these interviews are designed to become part of the StoryCorps archive at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

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StoryCorps to learn more and continue beyond Thanksgiving, too! Listen to people of all ages and help them share their stories.

Warmest wishes to all for a Happy, Loving, Listening Thanksgiving.

Linda Eve Diamond is the creator of the Listeners Unite Website and the author of 12 books including "The Beauty of Listening," a listening-themed poetry collection For more about Linda, visit Linda's Website at and her blog at