The Perfect Gift

This holiday season, give the most precious gift of all, the gift of listening. It’s beautiful, affordable and always appreciated… and you won’t mind a bit if it’s returned! Yes, this is the gift that’s always a perfect fit. Happy

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons!

Linda Eve Diamond

PS Just for fun, a holiday poem,
After Christmas (a postscript to The 12 Days of Christmas)… Winking
After Christmas Poem Video
After Christmas Poem Text


A Thanks Giving Listening


This holiday season, you are invited to participate in a Thanks Giving Listening. Who do you know who would benefit from a deep expression of your gratitude? Ask that person to give you the gift of listening to you, then use that setting to express your gratitude for the listener. This gives the listener the opportunity to put deep, focused attention on hearing nothing but statements of appreciation.

A Thanks Giving Listening is a time when the speaker and listener engage for the purpose of the speaker expressing gratitude and appreciation for the listener.

The Goal is to make someone feel appreciated, cared about, and recognized for positive efforts and impacts, large and small. You can make a loved one feel the depth of your appreciation—deepen friendships—let your neighbor know what it means to you to see a friendly smile at the end of the day and how much you appreciate any kind offers or gestures over the years—tell people with whom you have troubled relationships what they’ve done right and what you appreciate—let coworkers know how much you value the good advice and the extra help and even the silly jokes. Think of anything and everything for which you can say Thank you. A loved one may feel closer than ever, and someone who might feel especially alone as the holidays approaches may feel just a little more valued and connected with the world than they did before. This Thanks Giving Listening can be a powerful experience, especially for someone who doesn’t fully realize the positive impact that he or she has others.

The Process: Ask someone to listen to you, and say that it’s important. Then express your gratitude and appreciation for the little things they do, the times they’ve been there for you, or the blessing that they are in your life. You can do this simply, in a moment, or follow the five-step process below for an even deeper connection.

  1. Write down everything that you want to remember to say. In fact, you may think of more while writing.
  2. Say, “I have some things I want to say to you, and I’d really like your focused attention. They’re all good things. What would be a good time for us to sit down together?
  3. Sit face-to-face in a quiet, peaceful space. Begin by saying that you have something say, and make clear that it’s all positive. Ask the listener to listen to the end, then say, “I feel grateful to you and want to thank you for...” Then tell them all the things on your list for which you feel grateful. If more comes to you as you speak, don’t hold back.
  4. Optional: Present the list in written form that can be saved and savored.
  5. Thank the listener for listening and allowing you to express your gratitude.

If you can’t sit face-to-face, talk on the phone. If conversations are tense and a letter would be more easily received, start with a letter. The most important thing is for the listener to feel appreciated.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for listening.

Linda Eve Diamond


"Did I Say That?" & "Listening = Psychic Power" - Listening Insights from Sandy Newman

Following are two stories in the “Listeners Speak” series, reprinted from Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening. These insights come from Sandy Newman, president of Life Enhancement Coaches in NJ.

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 9.10.10 AM
Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 8.37.27 AM

@2007 Linda Eve Diamond, Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening


Click here to find contact information for Sandy Newman and Life Enhancement Coaches.
Click here to read more about RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all major online booksellers.


If you have listening stories or insights you’d like to share with Listeners Unite readers, please feel free to send them here. Happy


Enter the Other's World - Listening Insights from Dr. Emily Krestow

This insight, shared by Dr. Emily Krestow, is essential to listening and understanding one another.

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 9.04.14 AM

@2007 Linda Eve Diamond, Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening


Click here to visit Dr. Krestow’s Website.
Click here to read more about RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all major online booksellers.



The Gift of Listening - Listening Insights from Kay Lindahl

Following is another story in the “Listeners Speak” series, reprinted from Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening.

“The Gift of Listening,” a story shared by Kay Lindahl, demonstrates the powerful impact of being deeply listened to.

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 9.11.31 AM

@2007 Linda Eve Diamond, Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening


Click here to visit Kay Lindahl’s Website.
Click here to read more about RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all major online booksellers.



Sharing Elaine - A Groggy Listening Story

Throughout the book, Rule #1: Stop Talking, I share the wisdom and wit of several insightful listeners. I’ll be continuing to share these here, on the blog. This little story from Walter Ladden is a good reminder not to take anything to heart before you’re sure your eyes and ears are open wide! ;D

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 9.08.00 AM

@2007 Linda Eve Diamond, Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening


Walter Ladden (now in Hollywood, FL) teaches classical music appreciation throughout S. Florida at libraries,
for the Music Club of Hollywood, and at Nova Southeastern University Lifelong Learning Institute.

Click here to read more about RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all major online booksellers.



Listening Is Everything! - Listening insights from Dr. George Rozelle...

Throughout the book, Rule #1: Stop Talking, I share the wisdom and wit of several insightful listeners. Beginning with these insights from Dr. George Rozelle, I’ll be sharing several of these “Listeners Speak” boxes from the book here, on the blog.

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 10.17.33 AM
@2007 Linda Eve Diamond, Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening


Click here to visit Dr. Rozelle’s Website.
Click here to read more about RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
RULE #1: STOP TALKING! A Guide to Listening
is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all major online booksellers.



"White" - A Silent Video Poem for Listeners


A Plug for Earplugs—and a Safe, Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th

This holiday is a wonderful time for celebrations with family and friends at picnics and gatherings and, of course, fireworks. We all enjoy sharing the experience of spectacular visual displays, but did you know that fireworks can potentially damage hearing? Have you ever noticed temporary hearing loss or ringing after fireworks? In some cases, permanent damage (hearing loss or tinnitus) results from the loud noise, and children are especially sensitive. The bad news is that when damage is done, there are ways to cope, but no ways to repair. The good news is that earplugs are an easy, inexpensive solution. The brand I use is Etymotic, but most pharmacies carry brands that are perfectly good so that you and your family can relax and enjoy the fireworks!

Here’s what some experts are saying…

“Noise from exploding fireworks can top 130 decibels - it's been shown that exposure to 105 decibels for one hour can put you at risk of hearing damage.” - from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)’s Tip Sheet: “Protect Your Hearing This Summer”

“One large acoustic event – when it is very loud at one time – can cause hearing loss.” - Jennifer Simpson, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and director of the Audiology Clinic at Purdue University

Have a fun, happy, safe holiday! Happy



Have you heard the latest listening news?

Join the Listeners Unite Newsfeed on Twitter or just check in with the “In Listening News” page for listening-related posts and news stories! News stories are posted from around the world, related to business, families, inner listening and more. The archive goes back to 2010, and articles can be referenced any time.

The image below shows a snippet of the Listeners Unite Newsfeed. (Links are not clickable from the image below, but are live and clickable from either link above.) The newsfeed is housed on Twitter, but you don’t have to be a member of Twitter to access the full newsfeed and links. Happy



IMAGINE… A Listening Wish & an Invitation to Share Your Wishes...

Yoko Ono has collected countless wishes on her Wish Trees to be part of an Imagine Peace Tower, a vision she and John Lennon shared together. I came across one of her wish trees in 2010 and added this listening wish...

LB Helping Me Put a Wish on the Wish Tree - Version 3
“I wish that every child would be listened to, encouraged, and respected—and that they would continue to be treated that way for the rest of their lives." - Linda Eve Diamond


You can see the Imagine Peace Tower and add your wish here.

“I hope the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER will give light to the strong wishes of World Peace from all corners of the planet and give encouragement, inspiration and a sense of solidarity in a world now filled with fear and confusion.” - Yoko Ono Lennon, October 2011

(Click here to read my 2010 blog post about the Wish Tree.)


Listening Poetry Updates at the Listening and the Arts Page

For listening-related poetry, visit the newly updated Listening and the Arts Page! Happy This page will continually be updated, and submissions are always welcome. All new poems will be listed on that page and also featured on the blog.

Following are links to all featured poems and micro-ficiton currently posted:

All poems include brief bios and links. To read more of my poetry, please visit the Poetry Library at
If you have a listening-themed poem, photo or illustration (or any work of art) you’d like to share, please email Listeners Unite here with “Listening Poem” or “Listening Artwork” in the subject line.

Listening Photo
“Entry” is the cover photo for For more listening-themed photos, visit The Listening Album.

“Entry” © Linda Eve Diamond


Celebrate "I Love to Listen Day" on May 16th!

A Special Guest Blog by Marva Shand-McIntosh

Wednesday, May 16th, marks the 8th commemoration of 
I Love to Listen Day

This is a global initiative that is designed to include citizen from every country.  I Love to Listen Day is not a day of silence.  It is a day to inspire, inform, practice and create a heightened sense of awareness of the importance and power of listening in our lives.  

In the the past 7 years of 
I Love to Listen Day celebrations, we've heard form people in 30 countries who have deliberately promoted listening in their communities.  For example, in South Korea an executive group conducted a listening workshop, in Nevis, a radio program was dedicated to listening, in the USA, an elementary school spent the morning reading poems on listening that were written by the students.  

This year on May 16th, everyone is encouraged to start a listening tradition in his or her family.  Yes, listening is hard. It requires time, patience and discipline but the rewards are great.     

Start a listening tradition in the family by using the 80/20 rule.  That is, listen 80 percent and talk 20 percent of the time spent together with family members.  Our lives are full of distractions that leave us with just enough time for small talk and factual conversations.   On May 16th, 
I love to Listen Day, give someone the opportunity to share his or her ideas, feelings and maybe even some deep insight.  

Hardly a day goes by that I don't hear from someone whose life has been changed by just the awareness of listening.   A call to listen is a call to action.  Let's celebrate Listening!  Cheers!!!


Marva Shand- McIntosh is the founder of I Love to Listen Day.  For more information on listening go to 

Marva and LB
Above: Marva Shand- McIntosh with Little Bear,
at the recent ILA Convention

Below: Close-up of Little Bear in his “Listen” headband
- Photo by Marva Happy

(Little Bear’s headband was designed by Barbara Nixon — though most of us wore them as wrist bands.)


Click here to read a beautiful poem contributed by Marva. For more listening-related poetry, visit the newly updated Listening and the Arts Page! Happy


"Today I Will Listen"

I am thrilled to share this poem by Marva Shand McIntosh, the founder of I Love to Listen Day!

May 16, 2012 will be the 8’th annual I Love to Listen Day! Marva will be contributing a guest blog with information and insights about this special time of listening. In the meantime, please visit the Website here, and enjoy her beautiful poem, Today I Will Listen, which is posted below.


By Marva Shand–McIntosh 

Today I will listen 
Without interrupting
Without judging 
Without second guessing 
Without gazing 
Without rehearsing 
Without discounting 
Without filtering 
Without correcting 
Without contradicting 

Today I will just listen 
Today I will listen 
With attention 
With humility 
With respect 
With patience 
With understanding 
With awe 
With gladness 
With empathy 
With warmth 
With gratitude 
With reverence 
Today I will just listen. 


Another Great International Listening Association (ILA) Convention! Happy

We had a wonderful time, once again, at the International Listening Association Convention!


Click the photo album below to see a few photos of the convention and some of our listening friends…

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 8.32.39 PM



Thanks to all who attended the session I co-presented with Jerry Catt-Oliason, Creative Listening: The Life of a Poem. Sharing poetry with the warm, wonderful listeners of ILA is always a special treat.

For poems and papers from the session, please write to me


Congratulations to 2012 ILA AWARD WINNERS!


ILA Lifetime Achievement Award:

Lyman K. "Manny" Steil

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 6.46.14 PM

Listening Hall of Fame:
Dick Halley

President’s Award:
Melissa Beall

Listeners of the Year:
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
& Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

Outstanding Educator Award:
Charles Veenstra

Listening in the Business Sector Award:

Lou Hampton

Listening Research Award:
Helen Meldrum

Top Conference Paper Award Winners:
Shaughan Keaton, Graham Bodie, Susanne Jones

Top Student Conference Paper Award Winners:

Andrea Vickery, Shaughan Keaton, Michelle Pence, Graham Bodie

Top Synergist Research Award Winners:

Shaughan Keaton, Graham D. Bodie, Robert Keteyian 



New Listeners Unite Website and Blog!

The new Listeners Unite Website and blog! The good news about the blog is that the comment feature that never worked well is gone; the bad news is we don’t have one on this Website—at least not for the time being. If you have a comment or thought you’d like to share, please email me or tweet with @ListenersUnite and your comments or links will appear on the In Listening News page. I hope you enjoy the new design. If you have any feedback about the new Site, feel free to write to me about that, too. I’m listening. Happy

NOTE TO BLOG SUBSCRIBERS: Since the website has moved, subscribers to the blog will need to resubscribe to the new RSS feed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Closing the March Book Giveaway

Thanks to all for your interest in downloading and sharing Rule #1: Stop Talking! in honor of Listening Awareness Month. I hope you enjoy the book!  Happy

Celebrate Listening Awareness, Free Book Download & More...

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.43.08 AM

Image: A Page from the 2011 Woman’s Advantage Calendar

Five Ways to Celebrate Listening Awareness:

  1. Take advantage of and share this special offer:
  2. A free PDF download of the book, Rule #1: Stop Talking: A Guide to Listening, is available now through March 15 only—for a FREE download! This is a special offer in honor of International Listening Awareness Month! (Click here to read more about the book.) OFFER EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH 31!  Happy
  3. Visit our Listening Quotes Library!
  4. Share those that interest, inspire, amuse or intrigue you! If you use these quotes, a mention of or link to this Site would be much appreciated!  Happy 
  5. Join us on Twitter!
  6. Let us know how you’re celebrating listening or share anything listening related by using @ListenersUnite or #ListenersUnite. We’ll retweet these, so yours will appear on the Listeners Unite! home page.  Happy
  7. Check out the International Listening Association and the National Communication Association.
  8. Listen.  Happy 
  9. Set a listening intention for the rest of the month and see how it affects your life and relationships.  Listening intentions might be include incorporating meditation into your day and consciously being more attentive in conversations.  Just by paying attention to our listening habits, we become more attentive listeners. (If you’d like to know how others would assess you as a listener, download Rule #1 and check out the assessments!)   Happy

Happy Listening! 


Listeners Unite at the ILA Convention! Listeners Unite at the ILA Convention!

If you’re attending this year’s International Listening Association (ILA) convention, we would love to see you at our session: Creative Listening: The Life of a Poem. For convention information, please visit the ILA Website.

Co-Facilitated By
Linda Eve Diamond & Jerry Catt-Oliason

Session Description:
Author, Linda Eve Diamond, will share her original, listening-themed poetry. After participants have had an initial opportunity to listen, Jerry Catt-Oliason will invite exploration of the interpretive activities participants employed while listening. This open dialogue will allow participants to consider the creative role listening can play in human interaction. The focus of this exploration will be on how we process metaphorical language and the importance of metaphor as part of the generative core of language. The facilitators will also engage participants in various activities in response to poems shared.  
About the Presenters:
Linda Eve Diamond is an author and poet. She is also the creator of, the recipient of two ILA awards, and a former Listening Post editor and ILA board member.  Her Wesbsite is
Jerry Catt-Oliason teaches listening among other courses at Boise State University, including workshops on Listening in Context; Listening and the Linguistic Imagination; Listening and Political Imagination; Listening and the Numinous; and Hermeneutics for Communication Studies.

This session is open to registrants of the 33rd Annual ILA Convention in Bremerton, WA, March 22-24, 2012. 
Click here for the ILA Website and convention information.

Session date and Time: Saturday, March 24, 1:45
“Poetry, it will be shown, is not simply to be listened to, but teaches us what listening is and how to better our listening performance.”  - Jerry Catt-Oliason


Janie's Life

Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 9.57.37 AM

Pasted Graphic 15

UPDATE: This poem is now part of "The Beauty of Listening" poetry collection. Read about "The Beauty of Listening" here.